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Custonaci isn’t just a place where you can find nature and tourism, it is as well a place full of ancient traditions and passion for primeval thoughts. Well known in all Sicily and even elsewhere for its the famous “Live Museum”, that during Christmas time takes place in the Mangiapane Grotto.
It is during the nativity scene that the local people remember and keep alive the local traditions and the ancient habits. Men with costumes of a pre-industrial civilization based on an agricultural lifestyle, cattle breeding and handicrafts, re-propose the realization of the homemade ricotta cheese, bread, the typical sweets “Busiati” and so on…
They reproduce scenes of country lifestyle, processing the wheat and olives collected from the lands. It seems to go back with time and live a journey in the past, but there is even the opportunity to taste all the products and discovering the olden flavours. After Christmas time, there still is the chance to visit the place, even during summer, from July to September, to offer the opportunity at tourists to discover and enjoy this “world”. Moreover, the Sanctuary of the Holy Mary of Custonaci is a must and it is famous for its local marble (main source of economy of the village), and it is just 2 km far from the Hotel Villa Zina.

Visiting Sicily with this approach makes you understand how can beat the heart of each Sicilian. In the heart of a Sicilian there is the land. The orange and the yellow of the citrus, the green and the black of the olives and wineries painted here and there with juicy purple cluster, the shades of the palm trees, the indelible red of the mulberry and savage poppy flowers that dye with colour the lands who seems to roll out of the mountains and make the sight slide from the sky to the sea. A blue sea, deep, intense, violent, bearer of wealth, prosperity...this is also in the heart of a Sicilian. It’s for him a unique horizon, a vanishing point from the rest of the world, the memory of home and the strongest nostalgia of who has to leave.

Here in Sicily the sea becomes a silver light reflection, a faint sound, drowsy … and shows the dreams of those who lie down and listen… The sea it’s a flavour, the taste of the sea between the teeth when sea urchin, prawns, tuna fish, mussels and octopus are not colours anymore… Sicilian is passion, hospitality is strong, bright and true; desire to live deeply and smooth the senses. Sicily is a land that offers itself as a gift to whom may read, discover, feel, smell and taste it...

Come, you’ll fall in love with Sicily, and at Villa Zina Park Hotel you can enjoy and share this magic… here our guests find all the comfort required for a comfortable and pleasant stay surrounded by an impeccable hospitality and courtesy of our highly qualified staff.

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